I would recommend Stride Orthotics to anybody. Mhairi identified the cause of my pain when everybody else failed. After years of suffering with a recurrent injury I now live pain free. Thank you, Helen M. ”

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Neuromuscular Condition

About us
An orthotics company operating in Glasgow & Edinburgh since 2009

Project ManagementMhairi Friel is an Orthotist and the founder of Stride Orthotics.  Since graduating from the University of Strathclyde with an honours degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics, she has gained excellent experience in Orthotics.

Mhairi specialises in Lower Limb Biomechanics. This is the understanding of why you may suffer pain in the lower limb, from the lower back to the foot. Mhairi has an excellent knowledge of Sports Biomechanics, in particular Running, Rugby, Football, Cycling and Tennis. In addition to working in Stride Orthotics in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Mhairi works as a locum covering Orthotic clinics around Scotland and North England.

Jennifer Hunter  Stride Orthotics work closely with Jennifer from Bodyworks within the David Lloyd Health Club, Renfrew, Glasgow.  Jen is a Sports Therapist and the founder of Bodyworks.  She has 13 years experience working with sports injuries.

FitCo is a specialist sport shop within David Lloyd, Renfrew, Glasgow.   Stride Orthotics work with FitCo to ensure clients are fitted with the correct sport shoe to suit their running or tennis style.  Stride Orthotics works with FitCo by offering FREE video gait analysis, thus ensuring  your body is biomechanically sound and you are ready to perform your sport safely with little risk of injury.
Mhairi will refer to well regarded specialist therapists most suited to the patient’s condition, for example Neurological, Muscleroskeletal or Arthritis Therapists.

Jess Weatherall is an Edinburgh based Osteopath.  She is known for her work with the Biodynamic approach to Cranial Osteopathy. She has worked in clinics with a broad range of patients, including those with a great reputation for their work with children and mothers.

Web: http://edinburghhealth.com
Email: jess@edinburghhealth.com

Renew Physio provides specialist care and therapy for, back, neck and joint pain, sports injuries and rehabilitation.  Stride Orthotics clinic is established within Renew Physio.

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