I would recommend Stride Orthotics to anybody. Mhairi identified the cause of my pain when everybody else failed. After years of suffering with a recurrent injury I now live pain free. Thank you, Helen M. ”

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Neuromuscular Condition

Footwear Clinic
An orthotics company operating in Glasgow & Edinburgh since 2009

Project ManagementStride Orthotics provide a variety of footwear, each of which is made from drawings and/or casts taken of your feet.

You may simply struggle to find good fitting shoes, suffer aches and pains in your feet, legs, knees, hip or lower back or perhaps you like the idea of wearing shoes specifically designed and measured to fit your feet perfectly!!

The footwear available to you is light, flexible, cosmetically appealing and a perfect  fit.  For those that require help with balance, you have the option of including hidden support in the design of the shoe which is built into the shoe. You may also like to include specialist removable Foot Orthotics in the design to ensure you foot is kept in the optimum alignment and to reduce pain in the leg, foot or back.

You are welcome to take advantage of the FREE initial consultation where you are free to discuss what you hope to achieve from our specialist footwear and whether this is the right option for you.

At this initial appointment Mhairi Friel will take drawings and possibly casts of your feet in order to ensure you are fitted with the best possible fitting shoes.  You will select from the choice of several catalogues, the style, design and colour of footwear you would prefer.  An additional appointment is required for the shoes to be fitted.

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