I would recommend Stride Orthotics to anybody. Mhairi identified the cause of my pain when everybody else failed. After years of suffering with a recurrent injury I now live pain free. Thank you, Helen M. ”

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Neuromuscular Condition

General Clinic
An orthotics company operating in Glasgow & Edinburgh since 2009

Stride Orthotics prescribe devices to improve balance, helping you to walk pain free!! 

Perhaps you have aching feet, knees, hip and legs?  You may have been diagnosed with a condition which results in a loss of muscle power in the legs, causing you to lose balance or trip?
Foot orthotics (insoles) and leg supports reduce and eliminate pain and improve your balance and walking pattern. When accurately designed, Orthotic devices can significantly enhance your standard of living.

There are a variety of conditions that affect muscle power.  Any imbalance of muscle power to the foot, ankle, knee and hip will alter the resting position of the joint.  The change in joint position will make walking difficult and also cause pain. 

Leg supports and insoles will prevent or reduce the change in joint appearance, hence enhance balance, gait and reduce muscle strain.  There are a variety of types of leg supports, they can be off the shelf or custom made.  The type of Orthotic device you are prescribed depends on the severity of the condition.  A biomechanical assessment is required in order for you to be prescribed your Orthosis.

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