I would recommend Stride Orthotics to anybody. Mhairi identified the cause of my pain when everybody else failed. After years of suffering with a recurrent injury I now live pain free. Thank you, Helen M. ”

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Neuromuscular Condition

Video Gait Analysis – Full Leg
An orthotics company operating in Glasgow & Edinburgh since 2009

We carry out an in-depth analysis of your exact alignment and body movement pattern

  • Explanation of your movements during each phase of gait.
  • Foot posture, with and without trainers.
  • Achilles Tracking (analyse the angle of the achilles tendon in relation to the calf and heel)
  • Position and degree of movement at the ankle, hindfoot, forefoot  and knee
  • The angle of the tibia (long bone from the knee to the ankle).  The angle of this bone can be
    relative to the sport played at a young age and is often the cause of many lower leg injuries.
  • Knee and Tibial Rotation
  • Differnces in leg length
  • Identify all abnormalities in alignment and movement pattern


  • FREE advice on specialist sport footwear
  • FREE CD of your unique video gait analysis
  • FREE stretch and muscle strengthening programme to suit your biomechanics and sport
  • FREE prescription of foot orthotics +/or ankle & knee supports
  • FREE online advice
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